See a radio show

Have you ever wondered how you get to be in the audience for your favourite radio comedy programmes, or TV quiz shows or panel shows? Want to hear yourself laughing at The Unbelievable Truth, or catch a glimpse of yourself in Graham Norton’s audience? Well now you can…

There are four main websites (so far as I have discovered) that offer tickets to programmes recorded in front of a live audience: the BBC, SRO audiences, Applause Store and Lost in TV. Not all the shows are in London (the BBC website allows you to apply a filter to only see shows recorded in London and the South, but I think that’s the only one), and sometimes tickets go very, very fast, so it’s best to sign up to get email alerts from the different companies, so you can be ready to leap at the tickets as soon as they become available. On the SRO website it is possible to sign up to get alerts about specific shows, such as Graham Norton, Would I Lie to You?, Pointless and many more.

Lost in TV currently has tickets available for recordings of (the radio show) The Unbelievable Truth, hosted by David Mitchell. Recordings are on:

  • Monday 17th September – doors open at 6:45pm
  • Wednesday 26th September – doors open at 6:45pm

They record two shows per night, and the recording I went to once lasted about 2 hours, by the time they’d fixed mistakes, rerecorded bits they hadn’t caught properly etc.

It’s really fun to see how these shows work behind the scenes, and if you’re lucky you’ll get to see one recorded at the iconic BBC TV studios (which I thought were defunct, but apparently they’ve been resurrected again – I saw a recording of Pointless there, and it was very exciting to walk into what was once the Blue Peter studio where John Noakes had an incident with an elephant

Most of those websites are also the portals through which you can apply to be a contestant on game shows or reality TV shows – should you so wish!

Usually seating is unallocated, so the earlier you arrive the best chance you have of getting near the front.

Maybe I’ll see – or hear – you soon.


What: See the recording of a TV or radio programme

Where: Various studios and theatres

When: There’s something on most days. Many shows (like Pointless) are recorded in the day time, but things like Graham Norton and The Unbelievable Truth are recorded in early evenings.

How much: Free

NB: Content advisory warning – the content, subject matter and language of some shows may be offensive. Things like Pointless are probably safe, but things like Graham Norton can sometimes get a bit ‘blue’. Viewer discretion is advised.


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