Ride a steam train through central London

A steam train in central London

Every Tuesday, from 4th June to 3rd Sept 2019 you have the opportunity to ride a steam train from Waterloo Station out to Windsor. There are three trips per day (though they only go the one way. I’m not entirely sure why passengers aren’t allowed to return to Waterloo on them…) and prices range from £35 for an adult seat, to £95 per adult if you want to eat brunch on the way (yes, it seems to be brunch whether you depart at 8am or 2pm!).

If that seems a bit pricey for a 90 minute trip, you could also, of course, just find a spot along the route and take photos of a steam train passing the London Eye, Battersea Power Station or your landmark of choice. (A detailed timetable of the stations passed can be seen here.)

If you’re feeling a bit more flushed with cash, for £49/£99/£129 you could take a 4hr 20min sunset trip (with 3-course dinner in the upper price brackets) through the Surrey hills, which does return you to Waterloo.

I’m planning to arm myself with a camera and try to get some photos – if the weather ever cheers up again! If you travel on one of them, let me know if it was worth it!


What: Ride (or watch) a steam train (daytime train bookings | sunset train bookings)

When: Every Tuesday from 4 June to 3 September.

Morning Train: 0800-0936
Mid-Morning Train: 1115-1236
Afternoon Train: 1405-1527

Evening Train: 1800-2220

Where: All trains depart from Waterloo Station

How much: £35-£129/ Children from £20-£129

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