Enjoy another garden in the sky

Another guest post from Judith Barnett this week – she lives in another town entirely and has had more time to go adventuring in London than me recently! (Read her other posts here and here.)

If you’re like me, stepping out onto the rooftop of tall building in London on a cold, dull, day in February will still have the wow factor. The 360 degree view from this office block is lovely whatever the weather, but to enhance the experience, head there on a calm, sunny day for the best views, or after dark to replace daylight for sparkly office lights. The flower beds are planted with wisteria, so check it out in May to see it in its hanging-garden glory.

The “fully accessible to all” rooftop garden is open on weekdays only, until 6.30pm between October and March and 9pm from April to September. It is accessed by a sleek, swift lift to floor 15. (Floor 14 is a restaurant and the toilets).

Go through the airport style security, with the friendliest staff ever, and head straight up. The 120 Fenchurch Street website has a live footfall counter so if it looks like it might be a popular day you could check exactly how busy, when!

My favourite spots from the top are: The Gerkin (in almost touching distance), The Walkie Talkie (20 Fenchurch Street, almost opposite), St Paul’s Cathedral peeping between a glorious muddle of buildings and cranes, and Tower Bridge over the Thames to the south. Oh and Canary Wharf in the distance. As I said, wow! And did I mention? It’s free!


What: The Garden at 120

Where: 120 Fenchurch St, Langbourn, London EC3M 5BA


Summer Opening Times:
1 April – 30 September (Monday to Friday 10:00hrs – 21:00hrs)

Winter Opening Times:
1 October – 31 March (Monday to Friday 10:00hrs – 18:30hrs)

How much: Free

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