Take the road less travelled

My biggest top-tip for enjoying London is to get off the beaten track. If all you see of the city is Oxford Street, Harrods and the Tower of London, you’ll have seen some wonderful things, but will likely have been frustrated by the MILLIONS of people everywhere.

That’s not such a problem at the moment…

…but when things get back to normal, take my advice and turn off the main roads. There are treasures to be discovered down that interesting side road, or on the street parallel to the one you normally take.

Just this week I followed my own advice on the way back from my essential shopping trip. I went one block further on before turning and… Lo! There was a ‘street garden’ I’d never seen or heard of before.

What is a street garden? Well you may ask – I didn’t know, either. It turned out to be one of those little service roads between houses, which were probably originally handy for access to back gates, but which are now not particularly useful for anything. But they can be.

Lamlash Street, for that was its name, had some pretty planters at the Elliott’s Row end, but then opened out on either side to reveal small allotments bursting, in this beautiful weather, with life and colour. (Apologies for the blurry bits of fence in the second picture – it was a very bright day and I was carrying heavy bags and didn’t want to loiter, so just had to point and shoot.)

Some of the planters used to support growing trees had benches incorporated, which will be a beautiful place to go and sit when we’re allowed again.

A delightful little gem, just 10 minutes away from my house, whose presence had completely escaped me.

So next time you’re out for your government-sanctioned exercise, take the road less travelled, and let me know what treasures you find.

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