People are always telling me I should write a book of all the jolly jaunts I go on in London. Well, one day this may turn into a book (never say never), but for now it’s much easier for me, and free for you, to just make it a blog.

Most of the activities featured are free or very cheap. Most of them are suitable for doing solo (as I am single and generally have discovered and participated in these things on my own). Most of them require very little planning or preparation. The vast, VAST majority of them are located within London’s travel Zone 1.

There will also, as time goes on, be categories for things that are month or season specific, as it drives me mad to spend ages reading about an activity that looks really appealing, only to discover I can’t do it for another week/month/year. For now they are just categorised by day, so if you’ve got a Tuesday free you can see only the things that are available when you are.

I always love to learn about new things, so if you have any ideas you think I should try, do let me know, and if you go adventuring based on any of my suggestions, I’d love to hear about the results!

Jolly jaunting!